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This March, The Student Wordsmith is supporting a brand-new project that will lead to a new book publication for young females!

That’s right, The Fundemists Project aims to help young ladies lead the way in money matters.

Be part of this great new project which listens to your weekly experience in dealing with finances, budgeting your loan and where your money really goes.

Throughout the programme, you will be asked to record your weekly spend; keeping a diary of your experiences. By feeding this back to your leaders at monthly lunch sessions, you will develop your understanding of money.

If you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student at Loughborough University and are interested in taking part, please register now.

Fundermists Gold

Got a question, email s.hyde3@lboro.ac.uk for more information.

Alternatively, check out The Fundemists website.


The Student Wordsmith team.