About The Student Wordsmith


From students and graduates to those who consider themselves emerging or established, we work with all writers who are curious to learn more about the art and craft of writing.

Through original competitions and submission calls, bespoke workshops and events, specialist support programmes and our unique products and services, we support you on your individual journey to publication.

Everything we do is organised into four key strands of activity, but that doesn’t mean our activities stop there!

We believe in honest, creative conversation and we want to help you develop your craft, build your confidence and realise your potential.

Join our online writing and publishing community today. Everyone is welcome.


What are the ‘Four Strands of Activity’?

To streamline our content and make it easier for you to navigate, we have recently introduced our ‘Four Strands of Activity’ for 2018-19. All of our content will now fit under one of these four strands: Students and Graduates, Online and Digital, Community and Collaboration, and Poetry. We’ve even colour-coded the strands so that they’re easy for you to recognise, too!

Check out our video from founder, Dr Sophie-Louise Hyde (below), as she explains a little more about what each strand will include!

What is The Purple Breakfast Review?

The Purple Breakfast Review is our open-to-all creative writing journal! We have a different theme for every issue (Issue 6 ‘Rebirth and Growth’ is available for pre-order now!) and we accept submissions from anyone and everyone. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, or whether you’ve been published in a journal before, you can still send us your work! All that matters is that it’s engaging, well-written and fits with the theme, so make sure to keep your eye out for the next call for submissions!

What kinds of workshops and events do we run?

The Student Wordsmith runs a range of workshops and events throughout the year, including our development days, workshops, online webinars and publication launches. You can find out about our upcoming events on our Events page! Our next workshop series is in four-parts and is titled ‘Writing Together: Collaboration and Co-Authorship’, in partnership with Nottingham Writers Studio. The workshops will look at how we can break our creative boundaries by working together to produce unique pieces of work. You can find out more here!

Did You Know? 

The Student Wordsmith is an award-winning organisation! 

We’ve won five awards in research and enterprise for our creative endeavours. As a result, we were able to fund our first interns through 2x 3-6 month work placements with us in 2015-16.

Working with Writers just like you

Here at The Student Wordsmith, we are currently a team of four. Plus, we are lucky enough to have two Advisory Partners joining us for our Year of Activity in 2018-19! 





The Team work alongside founder and manager of The Student Wordsmith, Dr Sophie-Louise Hyde (above).

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