Sophie-Louise Hyde


Founding Member

Sophie-Louise Hyde is an emerging poet and Creative Writing tutor based in the East Midlands. She has just submitted her part-creative PhD at Loughborough University. Her thesis explores the techniques of verbatim in poetry with her creative work examining scales of imagined community during the 2011 riots in Birmingham. As part of this work, Sophie has written an original collection of poetry that she hopes will engage new audiences with literature by being more accessible to and representative of the communities she has studied.

Sophie is also the founding member of The Student Wordsmith. As a developing practitioner, Sophie was keen to encourage others to give writing and publishing a go and, as a result, she launched the online platform in April 2013. She has a vested interest in contemporary poetry, including both radical and experimental genres. She is keen to encourage collaboration across art forms and is fascinated by literature in the digital age.

She is most likely to be found: with a cup of tea in her hand as she pens her next poem!