Dr Sophie-Louise Hyde

Founder and General Manager of The Student Wordsmith

I am a poet, creative writing tutor, entrepreneur, tea enthusiast and founder of The Student Wordsmith.

I began my journey towards a career in Writing and Publishing almost nine years ago when I took part in a Creative Writing module as part of my English degree at Loughborough University.


That first moment of realising my own potential in poetry happened when my tutor stopped me to comment on a line that I had written… and, since then, I’ve never looked back!

I started a blog under the alias of ‘The Student Wordsmith’ during my Masters in Creative Writing (2012-13) and, as it’s readership grew, the platform – as it is known today – was born!

Supporting you on your writing journey

My Experience and Qualifications

I have amassed a wide range of experience and achieved a number of key qualifications connected to both Writing and Publishing that mean I am able to support writers just like you on your individual writing journeys.

Five years' experience working in the Writing and Publishing Industry as a direct result of running The Student Wordsmith;

Five years' experience running bespoke workshops and events within and for our writing community; 

Four years' experience working as a Creative Writing and Poetry tutor at Loughborough University;

A BA in English (2012), MA in Creative Writing (2013) and PhD in English and Creative Writing (2017);

Winner of five awards for my reputation and experience in creativity, research and enterprise;

Poems published in a range of books and anthologies, and online in webzines and journals (Petrie 66 and Ink Sweat and Tears); 

Five years' experience of supporting, coaching and mentoring individuals curious to learn more about the craft of writing.

Working with writers just like you

I am most likely to be found: with a cup of tea in hand as I support our writers or pen my next poem!


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