Founder and General Manager of The Student Wordsmith

Hello! I’m Dr Sophie-Louise Hyde – poet, Creative Writing tutor, entrepreneur, tea enthusiast and founder of The Student Wordsmith.

I began my journey towards a career in Writing and Publishing in 2010 when I took part in a Creative Writing module as part of my English degree at Loughborough University.

My first memory of realising my potential (and passion) for poetry came during this same module when my tutor stopped me to comment on a line that I had written…

And, since then, I’ve never looked back!

I began my study for an MA in Creative Writing in October 2012, during which I learned about the industry in great depth from successful authors and publishers (Kate RhodesFive Leaves) and honed my craft to focus on Verbatim and Found Poetry, specifically.

Learning about the significance of a writer’s online presence, I started a blog under the alias of ‘The Student Wordsmith’ and, as its readership grew, the platform – as it has now become known – was born!

My Experience and Accomplishments

5 years working in Writing and Publishing Industry;

Winner of 5 awards for creativity, research and enterprise;

4 years as Creative Writing and Poetry tutor at Loughborough University;

Successful completion of PhD in English and Creative Writing (2016-7);

Numerous poems published in range of anthologies and online (including Petrie 66 and Ink Sweat and Tears).

I am most likely to be found: with a cup of tea in my hand as I pen my next poem!

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