Like that first page of your favourite fairy-tale,
the one hidden long in Aesop’s Fables 
about ‘The Ant and the Grasshopper’,
you can only read the image back so far:

over –
and over, but
the words won’t change and
it is up to you, to move your world on.

Like a drawer in the finest Oak bedside cabinet,
bought from the Winter sale
at Ikea, and
when you open it, the
secrets it keeps are the things you are all too sure of.

Over –
and over, you can look at the lies,
as they sit –                                         ahead of you.

Like the early morning Sunday newspaper,
no longer Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World,
you choose only to speak of
the most interesting stories, as if
to promote the right kind of
public opinion, and

over –
and over. Yet
the seed of judgement
was placed in their minds,
one, and twenty years ago.

And no,
unlike your DVD remote control,
powered by Panasonic,
you have no power to Stop the repeat mode, and
Rewind to a place where you were happy.

You can’t Fast Forward to a world with less
‘get up and go’ –

the decision that you made, long ago,
was buried in the thin end
of that needle, and
a belt buckle,
that you plunged deep into your skin.

And it is up to you to move your world on.


Thank you for reading.
(C) The Student Wordsmith
and Sophie-Louise Hyde, 2013.