With December well and truly here, we thought we would get into Christmas spirit by telling you some amazing facts about the man who wrote all about Christmas, the wonderful Charles Dickens!!!


Did you know kept a pet raven named Grip, which he had stuffed when it died in 1841!

He loved and advocated hypnotism, using it to try and cure his wife and children of any sickness! [1]

Also, he once wanted to write a cookbook!

Dickens was a family man, who loved being at home, spending time with his family.[2]

He loved public reading and said it was, ‘the most interesting love-affair of his life.” [3]

The spirit of Dickens’s public reading lives on through his great-great grandson, Gerald Dickens who performs a reading of his great-great grandfather’s ‘A Christmas Carol,’ throughout the festive season! [4] Now, you can’t get more Christmassy than that !!!


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