#FridayFeature – ‘Drowning in the Internet’ by Sam Love

This week our #FridayFeature comes from the talented Sam Love! Sam has already been featured on our website and in The Purple Breakfast Review Volume 5 which makes him a seasoned writer here at The Student Wordsmith.

Sam Love is a New Bern, NC writer. He has published numerous nonfiction articles in magazines including Smithsonian and Washingtonian. He has two published novels, Snap Factor and Electric Honey. Most recently, he has published a poetry book called Cogitation with Unsolicited Press.

His poetry has been published in numerous places, including Slippery ElmVoices on the WindThe Lyricist and Flying South. He has had six environmental poems published in Eno by Duke University. His work has also been featured on Poetry in Plain Sight posters throughout North Carolina.

In addition to the above, Sam is also the author of an award-winning, illustrated children’s book called My Little Plastic Bag. The story was written to show children what happens to a plastic bag when it is thrown out of a car window. There is also a Spanish edition of the book entitled Mi Bolsita Plastica.

The poem we are featuring today is entitled ‘Drowning in the Internet’ and we hope you enjoy it!

Drowning in the Internet



As the internet grows exponentially


in a tsunami of bits and bytes


some users are spending as much time


on the internet as they do sleeping



How can I keep up with


2.5 million new Facebook posts,


300,000 tweets,


and 72 hours of You Tube videos


uploaded every minute?




Maybe internet time is like dreaming


disassociated fragments of memories


that almost make sense


but are only momentary flashes until




they are replaced with


the latest International news,


celebrity gossip,


or custom Italian shoe sales




Out of desperation for relief


I’ll search the internet


for tips on how to de-internet my life.

You can find out more about Sam here and more about My Little Plastic Bag here.