#FridayFeature – PBR6 Cover Reveal!

It wouldn’t be Friday with a #FridayFeature! To celebrate the upcoming release of #PBR6 we’ve decided it’s about time for the COVER REVEAL! Our amazing ‘Rebirth and Growth’ cover was designed by the incredible Emily Suzanne Young; doesn’t it look awesome? What’s even more exciting is that this is our first #TSWPoetry post under our new Four Strands of Activity! If you didn’t see our launch of our Four Strands of Activity yesterday, be sure to go back and check out the video we released explaining our new concept.

The launch of PBR6 is so close now and, to get you excited, we’ve decided to give you a sneak peek into one of the amazing pieces included! As well as doing the incredible cover art Emily Suzanne Young also wrote a piece for PBR6 entitled ‘From the Ashes’; here’s an excerpt!

So often in the past, I’ve had to draw and redraw and throw away and start again, but with this piece, it just came to me. I sat down for fifteen minutes and every detail was done. It felt like a sign.

He never liked my art. He never wanted me to express myself, full stop. I wasn’t allowed to sing at home, and He would leave the room if I ever cried, but it was my drawings in particular that irked Him. Thinking back over those two and a half years, I barely drew at all and, even then, only ever in secret; I would stash away sketchbooks and frantically wash paints and chalks from my hands when I knew He was on his way home.

How freeing it is now to see that sketch on the table, wings stretching wide after being cooped up and caged for so long.

If you want to read the rest of Emily’s piece and all the other amazing pieces we have in PBR6 you can pre-order your copy in our store now! Plus, you can still take advantage of the 2412 offer and get another volume of PBR for half price when you pre-order PBR6 which is a saving of over £5! You definitely don’t want to miss it!