#FridayFeature – ‘The Real World’ Book Review


#FridayFeature – Kristina Adams’ ‘The Real World’: A Short Story

Here at The Student Wordsmith HQ, we love to read work from emerging, established and self-published writers and authors and, as we’re always seeing such fantastic work, we figured it was only fair to share and review some of it here on our blog. That way, you can find out all about these new authors and check them out for yourselves!

This week, we received a cheeky freebie from the fantastic self-published author, Kristina Adams. By subscribing to her newsletter, we were able to download and read a free copy of her short story, ‘The Real World’ – a prequel to her novels What Happens in New York and What Happens in London.

Our Editorial and Events Assistant, Kathryn, had never read any of Kristina’s work before so she approached ‘The Real World’ with no ideas or expectations and she’s really happy to report that she was really pleasantly surprised! She commented:

‘Although I haven’t read the What Happens in… series yet, I didn’t feel like I needed this particular backstory to get sucked in to the prequel. Kristina’s writing is engaging and fast-paced, and, in a few short pages, I really got a sense of the wider narrative that likely takes place in these novels. What was great was that, in just a few short pages, Kristina managed to take me through a range of emotions and share a great deal about her characters with me – I wanted to know more!’

While we recognise that not every piece of writing is or should appeal to everyone here at and engaging with The Student Wordsmith, if you like contemporary chick lit (with a touch of Hollywood glam!) then Kathryn would recommend reading both ‘The Real World’ prequel and the subsequent novels (‘I now know what’s next on my reading list and I am really looking forward to what Kristina comes up with in future!’).