With National Poetry Writing Month well underway, it seems that everyone everywhere is sending prompts and writing poetry, or indeed finding ways to inspire others to do so!

Therefore, today’s poem doesn’t, this time, come from a NaPoWriMo prompt (as might be expected) but instead from a prompt sent to me via the WordXWord Festival’s 30/30 Poetry Challenge.

Their prompt (for April 4th) was this:
‘Sometimes you just have to walk away’
and here is my example of a poem encapsulating exactly that. I hope you like it.

Thank you xx


Goodbye to Ice Cream

Goodbye to the butterflies that 
crippled my stomach,
everytime I spotted your face –
– half a mile away,

down Paxton Street
where we’d meet, to hide
endless pillow-dreams, and sheets;
a nest made only for two.

Goodbye to the evenings of dining for two
(although we both knew that I couldn’t cook),
but you’d still always let me try, with
a sweet smile,
and a lie;
“thank you, that was really nice.”

Goodbye to enduring Premiership football on my telly
and to the fact that I quite liked
your slight sculpt of a belly –
the result of endless beers with the lads at the bar.

Goodbye to boy talk
and to tickles in the dark,
to the bacon sarnies that
almost as hot as our late-night love making,
and goodbye to the treacle sponge.

Goodbye to your shirts, and to your hoodies,
and to the fact that I would have kept them if I could’ve.

Goodbye to the empty glasses
I’d have to wash up on a weekly
after our tradition of
“wine at the weekends”,
and goodbye to the bottle.

And goodbye to splitting that tub of Choc Fudge B&J’s
with a bent tablespoon,
before spending the night, bent –
imitating that spoon,
as I slept among the ruins of hope that the moment would never end.


Thank you for reading.
(C) The Student Wordsmith
and Sophie-Louise Hyde, 2013.