It’s A Knockout… This is one for the Students!


Happy Thursday!

There comes a time in life when everything begins to slowly crumble beneath you slightly, like an ice glacier as you take those last ground-breaking steps towards Everest Base Camp, or, put plain and simply, like a game of dominoes; knock one down and the ripple effect has the whole line out before you can even say the word, ‘domino’.Of course, nine times out of ten, that first block in the game is usually connected to the one thing most of us find ourselves thinking about on a daily basis: Money… 

Where is your next lot coming from? And can you really afford to go to FND this Friday and flutter your cash away on frivolities and booze?

So, in light of it being a new term, having witnessed all the average-Joe ‘Hello student loan’ Facebook statuses, and to celebrate the launch of The Student Wordsmith’s ‘YOU’ is for University Creative Writing Competition, here is a little draft of babble that I am currently working on (please note, it is still in progress so babble it is indeed), on one of the most significant topics of University life that one will ever have to face.

Postgraduates, this one is dedicated to you!

Enjoy xx



It’s a Knockout


You only live once, and you gotta make it count. 


When living is:

the food in your fridge starting to wear thin,

and grow mould,

Basics pasta, and endless tins of Baked Beans, but

plenty of empty booze bottles in the bin.

Is it all really worth it?


Three intellectual consonants: BSc,

cash going out quicker than it comes in.


Where’s the priority?


Whoever said that we got it easy

should walk a mile

in my size 4’s –

and then tell me that I’m crazy.


Because, waiting for that next hit

of the student loan

is like waiting to go twelve rounds, in the ring

with Mike Tyson,

and knowing –

It’s a Knockout.


It’s a Knockout,

but it’s okay, anyway,

because education is a valued commodity.



Thank you for reading.

Copyright of The Student Wordsmith and Sophie-Louise Hyde, 2013.