Latest Testimonials

“I’ve been working with The Student Wordsmith for years and they’ve always been great. Sophie and her team are brilliant. The webinars they’ve started are excellent; a really enjoyable experience and a great opportunity to try new writing tasks while sharing ideas with other writers.”

Elizabeth Akass, March 2018.

“I thoroughly enjoy working alongside The Student Wordsmith, and strongly believe they bring out my strengths as a designer. They’re always open to new ideas, styles and suggestions. I feel we can both be honest when working on projects and this always results in a fantastic outcome.”

 Damini Patel, February 2018.

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“Thank you so much for the opportunity […] I haven’t said yet how wonderful I think The Student Wordsmith is. It’s really inspiring for students like myself to see such a good website and productive writing platform.”

Eleanor Pilcher, July 2015.

“Accessing the creative writing journal was very practical and my order came swiftly after its purchase. The process of publishing my work was fairly quick and free of trouble. Considering how many writers Sophie and The Student Wordsmith were dealing with, it felt very one-to-one. I think that Sophie is headlining a great project and it was a pleasure to be included with so many other good writers.”

Walker Zupp, April 2015.