Just because today is World Poetry Day, and because I couldn’t possibly get through today without scribbling down a little poetic line or two, here’s a quick piece I prepared earlier (quite literally) about social media’s effects on the most depressing part of anyone’s relationship (unless you’re well rid!)… the BREAK UP! 
This piece is dedicated to all those guys and girls that find themselves skulking through their other half’s’ , ex’s’, and even potential suitors’ Facebook profiles and Twitter pages at one time or another, ’cause let’s face it… we all know we’ve all been there! 

Enjoy xx
It’s Friday night, and I’m
checking my Facebook regularly
to identify a fading personality
that I once knew.
‘Sorry, it’s too soon to add this person to your Block List’;
I guess I must have forgot this,
sat staring into my mug of Tea, as
pictures of your mug last Friday night
are taking over my newsfeed.
‘Who am I kidding?’
I could go back and follow you again, on Twitter,
but I’m not some crazed, lovesick bunny-boiler, and
I’m pretty sure it won’t let me in
on the secrets of your new relationships –
well, not like Facebook can.
So I’ll just trawl through your past statuses…
‘What kind of idiot am I?’
I mean, I know
that I can’t cook and
I burnt Spaghetti that one time that I tried, but
you’re the only one that gets me
with that silly look in your bright blue eyes;
I still get butterflies just looking at your pictures –
I counted: 1,975 and I’m
It’s Friday night, and I’m
still checking my Facebook regularly
to identify a fading personality
that I once knew.
Yeah, right?
World Poetry Day, 2013.
(C) The Student Wordsmith,
Sophie-Louise Hyde.