Meet our Writers: Christina Mylonas

Today’s featured writer is the brilliant, Christina Mylonas!

Christina writes under the pseudonym C Evans Mylonas to maintain gender neutrality. She has had short stories and poems published in several literary journals, including The Bangalore Review and Atticus Review. Christina is also a photographer and one of her photo essays has been published in Skipping Stones Magazine.

Christina grew up in Texas and although she has lost most of her accent many of her characters haven’t. She is a fan of Southern writers and their quirky and eccentric characters and you can see this influence in her own work. She lived in Phoenix from 2005 to 2012 and, after a four-year stint with Peace Corps as a volunteer in Eduation, Christina decided that Phoenix was home and returned there in 2016. She is currently editing phase her latest novel – a western!

Christina’s short story, ‘An African Creation’, will be published in¬†Issue 5 of The Purple Breakfast Review when it is released next week!