Meet our Writers: E M Hector

Today’s featured writer is the lovely, Eileen Hector!

Eileen looks at life from an unusual perspective. Writing is her way of helping others hear things that she wouldn’t normally dare to say out loud. Her past writings and ramblings can be found on the printed pages of Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas, Women in Clothes, ORCHIDS (the American Orchid Society magazine), as well as in the archives of Tampa Tribune. She has added her thoughts online to Getting Along With Grief and the One Person’s Trash Anthology.

Eileen writes rhyming poetry for her grandchildren and dreams of getting a children’s picture book published one day. She edits the local orchid society newsletter and maintains their website. She hasn’t made that leap towards creating an official author website or blog yet because she is still wondering if she really is an author, but each publication brings her closer to that calling.

Today, The Student Wordsmith is incredibly proud to bring that calling one step closer by sharing her Writer’s Profile with you!

Eileen’s poem, ‘Noise’, will be published in Issue 5 of The Purple Breakfast Review when it is released next week!