Meet our Writers: Shirley Coughlin

Today’s featured writer is Shirley Coughlin!

Shirley Coughlin lives in a small country town in central Victoria, Australia. She has been writing for several years and tends to write children’s books, short stories and poetry. Shirley has four grandchildren, including twins, and, for this reason, much of her writing is aimed at an audience of young readers. As a result, Shirley often finds herself writing adventure stories which involve ghosts, outer space or time travel.

Last year, Shirley wrote a poem in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the last successful charge in history by the Australian Light Horse regiment at Beersheba (1917) at the end of WW1.

Her latest poem, ‘The Book’, will be published in Issue 5 of The Purple Breakfast Review when it is released later this week!