#MeetOurWriters – Emily Suzanne Young

We may have told a teeny tiny fib when we said we’d introduced all of our writers of PBR6; we have since had another writer join the ranks. Not only is she a writer, she is also our amazing cover artist and designer, Emily Suzanne Young! We thought, since we’d shared some of her work yesterday with our PBR6 cover reveal, it was only right that we tell you more about the person behind the pen!

Emily Suzanne Young is a writer and entrepreneur currently based in Loughborough. She gained her Master’s degree in Creative Writing from the university there last year, prior to which she worked as a secondary school English teacher. Emily writes primarily young adult fiction – but is willing to dabble in most things – and is currently writing a YA novel (or two or three) in her spare time.
During her working hours, Emily is starting her own business, Cuthbert and Young, an organisation which works to foster creativity and develop young adult and teen writers. Her big project to achieve this is The Inkverse, a creative writing online community for teens where they can learn new skills and techniques through tutorials, projects and feedback. The Inkverse will be launching early 2019, so watch this space!
You can find out more about Emily and her writing at, or follow her on Instagram @author_emilysuzanneyoung. More info about Cuthbert and Young can be found at