#MeetOurWriters – Evan Murtagh

Our #WeekendWriting feature meets the writers who have contributed to The Purple Breakfast Review Volume 6 and WOW have we been spoilt for choice! Our first writer to showcase on this #SuperSaturdayofWriting is Evan Murtagh!

Evan was born and raised in Birmingham and is currently studying for a BA in English and Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham. He has been writing poetry since his early teens, and particularly enjoys writing about love and the concept of a conscious universe. He aspires to be a writer whose work feels warm and healing to its readers.

When he’s not reading or writing, Evan spends most of his free time taking long walks, watching cartoons and learning about science & the supernatural. He can be found on twitter at @evanmrtgh.

Evan’s poem ‘one-trick nihilism’ will be published in Volume 6 of The Purple Breakfast Review coming soon! In the meantime keep an eye out for more of #MeetOurWriters for #PBR6!