#MeetOurWriters – Jon Wilkins


We’ve decided to be extra nice to you this weekend and showcase ANOTHER #featuredwriter as part of our #WeekendWriting. Our next writer is Jon Wilkins!

Jon has just entered his sixties, has a gorgeous wife Annie, who is a retired Primary School teacher, and two beautiful sons and he loves to write!

Jon taught for 20 years and coached women’s basketball for 30 years and has always loved books and reading.

He loves writing poetry. Fitting words together is an odd way of spending time, but he revels in it!

For his MA, Jon wrote a crime novel set in Utrecht which is part of a series of murder mysteries. Jon is also writing a crime trilogy set in the Great War and the early Twenties.

You can find out more about Jon here and you can read his poem ‘Papillons de mon Coeur’ in the upcoming Volume 6 of The Purple Breakfast Review!