Monday Motivation #7


Wow, are we in September already?! We can’t believe it ourselves here at The Student Wordsmith HQ! As we say goodbye to a record-breaking, hot British summer and a warm welcome to Autumn, our thoughts rapidly turn to getting back into writing…

This week’s #MondayMotivation piece comes from comes from our Helen’s favourite, inspirational books on writing: Becoming a Writer by Dorothea Brande.

Published in 1934, this book is a treasure trove of motivational tips on how to truly become a writer and it has certainly encouraged us, and many others, to keep writing over the years.[1] Dorothea recommends that we should, ‘call forth the inner writer’ [2] This can be done by spending some time each day handwriting, which you might know now to be ‘free writing’; this involves sitting yourself down to write non-stop for a limited amount of time in order to see what evolves from your subconscious. You never know, you may well have written the first line or the subplot for your debut novel!

While Dorothea largely encourages writers to stay in contact with their subconscious, as she believes that this is where creativity hides, we also believe that we can all easily tap into that subconscious through a few simple actions:

  1. 1. Keep a notebook by your bedside;
  2. 2. Jot down your dreams or inner thoughts and feelings before you start your day.

If you don’t already, why not give this a go as the cold, Winter nights draw in?

Here at The Student Wordsmith HQ, we can’t think of anything better than writing while snuggled up in our beds as the crisp morning sun creeps in!

Remember: you can let us know how you get on by sending examples of your writing to: