Do you think of yourself as a poet, a scriptwriter, a short story writer, or a novelist? Today’s #MondayMotivation looks at ways you can challenge yourself by switching your writing in to a new genre. This isn’t as difficult as you might think; often it allows us push ourselves creatively as writers. So, if you’ve written a poem, why not set yourself the goal of turning it into a script, a story or even a bigger piece such as a novel!!!


To do this, first write, or take an existing poem you have written, and ask yourself a series of questions, like;


  1. What’s it about? (remember last week’s feature on plot?)
  2. Where is it set? (what do the images convey?)
  3. Whose voice is it? (is it your own, and can this become a character ?)
  4. What are the sentiments in this poem? (use these to attribute to characterization and to create other characters, looks and features can then be added).


After you have done this, you should start seeing a story develop as you now have a main character and possibly even smaller characters which you have built from the sentiments of the piece. Not only that, but you’ll also have a setting, motivation or plot for your characters! If you find yourself struggling with this one, just ask yourself  ‘what if…’ to turn things around! Lastly, just write and enjoy placing your new characters in situations….


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