You is For University


The Student Wordsmith’s You is for University: The A-Z Student Guide on How to Survive is a unique collection of over forty creative works from university students and graduates across the UK and internationally. The book offers a unique mix of poetry, prose and handy hints inspired by the university experience and enables its readers to envisage student life with a fresh eye.

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The Purple Breakfast Review

The Student Wordsmith’s The Purple Breakfast Review is a unique, on-line journal opportunity for students, graduates and young people.

Launched in January 2015 with first issue ‘Beginnings’, The Purple Breakfast Review was met by a rapturous response and has now been published in print and online.

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The Growing Unease


The Growing Unease features articles on the roles and representation of social media, beauty ideals, religion and celebrity and their effect on notions of modern individuality. Articles include ‘Shia LeBeouf in Love’, by award-winning writer, Walker Zupp; ‘Church vs. State’, by Rajinder Rao; and ‘Social Media: The Age of Loneliness’, by pamphlet editor, Gita Sarasia. Further articles on modern beauty ideals are written by Judy Leigh, Eliott Perry and Lerah Mae Barcenilla.

The pamphlet also features colour artwork by Spanish avant-garde artist, Daniel de Culla.

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