Issue 1: Beginnings


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Product Description

The Student Wordsmith invites you to order your copy of the first-ever issue of The Purple Breakfast Review themed on ‘Beginnings’.

As the first issue to be printed by The Student Wordsmith back in 2015, ‘Beginnings’ has proven to be extremely popular. Second and third print runs have since meant that we now have a limited number of copies for those who would like to order themselves one.

Featuring written work and breathtaking artwork / illustrations by the following writers and artists, this issue has been selling out FAST.

“It was a great honour to receive so many creative pieces for consideration and a tough task determining our shortlist from such a wonderful selection of works. The texts and illustrations we have chosen for this debut issue capture something very special in their explorations of our first theme ‘Beginnings’. They deal in warmth, with the richness of colour used in so many of our chosen images; they deal in emotion, to captivate what beginning again can mean for any one of us; they vary in length, in style and in subject matter.”

Dr Sophie-Louise Hyde, PBR1 (2015)