Issue 3: People


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Product Description

The Student Wordsmith invites you to purchase your copy of Issue 3 of The Purple Breakfast Review exploring the ever-intriguing theme of ‘People’.

This popular issue features a wide-range of poems and short stories from 18 writers across the UK and internationally (see list below). It is made complete by the beautiful artwork that dresses its cover and fills its pages courtesy of artists and illustrators such as Caitlan Hill and Olivia Healy.

“People grow mentally, physically and creatively. We stretch out; create bonds with people, soar on highs, plummet downwards, and strive to protect our vulnerabilities. Each text within this issue reflects how inspiring and destructive people can be – to themselves as
well as to others. What any reader can take away from the various lengths, sizes and content of each text printed here is that every person is built differently from the next – but, ultimately, we all follow the same journey.”

Dr Sophie-Louise Hyde and Kerry Clarke, Editorial Team PBR3 (2015-16)