The Student Wordsmith Testimonials

francesca-crisante review

“As a contributor to the 2015 edition of You is for University, I was very grateful for the opportunity to showcase my work through a spoken reading at the publication’s launch party. There is something about reading your work aloud to others that helps you to re-connect with it, and it was lovely to see that other people were interested in my very personal story as well. It was also a pleasure to hear the works of not only the other contributors, but also guest speakers, whose powerful words reminded me of the extent to which literature really can affect its readers, or listeners. Thank you to The Student Wordsmith for all their hard work to create an enjoyable evening!” 

Francesca Crisante (December 2015)

“Thank you so much for the opportunity […] I haven’t said yet how wonderful I think The Student Wordsmith is. It’s really inspiring for students like myself to see such a good website and productive writing platform.” 

Eleanor Pilcher (July 2015).

“I would firstly like to thank The Student Wordsmith for publishing my poem online and for sharing it among their social networks. Not only has the platform provided me with an excellent opportunity to present my work, but it has also given me a great deal of confidence for writing in the future. I would like to thank The Student Wordsmith for the invaluable knowledge and insight I have received from simply browsing the website and reading the plethora of unique pieces of work on it.” 

Saduni (July 2015).

“Accessing The Purple Breakfast Review was very practical and my order came swiftly after its purchase. The process of publishing my work was fairly quick and free of trouble. Considering how many writers she was dealing with, it felt very one-to-one. I think that Miss Hyde is headlining a great project and it was a pleasure to be included with so many other good writers.” 

Walker Zupp (April 2015).