The Garden.

Happy Monday morning, and what a lovely one it is!

After a crazy week of poems, portfolios, pajamas, and a whole lot of typing in preparation for essay deadlines last Friday, there is no rest for the wicked as The Student Wordsmith’s ‘YOU’ is for University creative writing competition draws to a close in just under TWO WEEKS (Friday 14 June 2013).

This means two weeks of promotional marketing to ensure that you don’t miss your chance to be involved in this fantastic opportunity!

For more information on the competition itself, please visit:

So, to celebrate the coursework deadlines being met, as well as the competition’s success, I wanted to share a new poem with you.

‘The Garden’ is an experimental adaptation of my ‘Haunted’ piece, posted only a week or so ago on the blog. It was inspired by the experimental and unconventional works of the avant-garde, as experienced on the Diversions module of my MA programme.

I hope you enjoy it! xx


The Garden



Roots run, ground Firm,

a Sound too Loud to Silence.




Child’s play on river banks,

‘Ring-a-Ring of Roses’, and

‘Three Blind Mice.

A replay stuck in time.




Guarding arms, rigid branches, Rough –

He, She:





Algae overtaking,

Unbearable pond.




Fingermarks, after dark;

a Knee-Deep scar, unearthed.




Beneath, rivers

rush >>> Fragrant

innocence: Tainted.




Footprints marked on

the Bridge of No Escape –




Thank you for reading.

Copyright of The Student Wordsmith and Sophie-Louise Hyde, 2013.

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