The Haunted Horrors of Eurovision… and Poetry!

Happy Saturday evening from The Student Wordsmith!

It’s the weekend, the sun seems to be out at 7pm, and I’ve already spotted those ‘Eurovision Drinking Game Rules’ going up on student walls in preparation for the annual singing competition tonight…

So, before the horrors (no doubt that there will be some) hit the stage, I wanted to share a little draft of something I am currently working on with you all.

Fitting as it is with the theme of ‘horrors’ on Eurovision Saturday, Thursday’s MA workshop had us writing creatively from haunted, ghostly-looking, old photographs and here is what I was working on.

I hope you enjoy it and here’s to another entertaining song contest, I mock but I know I’ll be tuned in to the TV too!

Have a great weekend. xx



The Garden


Roots run firmly into the ground, and

a sound too loud to silence.


As the children play

on the river banks

singing nursery rhymes of

‘Ring-a-ring of roses’, and

‘Three blind mice’.

A replay stuck in time.


The algae is overtaking the pond,

unbearable to live in.


As the river rushes away beneath,

a sweet fragrance resembling innocence

marks the faded footprints, that live,

on the bridge –



With guarding arms of rigid, rough branches,

this was meant to be her safety.

But the fingermarks left behind, after dark:

a scar of her own that runs knee deep.



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Copyright of The Student Wordsmith and Sophie-Louise Hyde, 2013.