Today’s post comes courtesy of Margret Geraghty’s book, The Five Minute Writer, a birthday present from one Miss Grace Carter. 

Geraghty’s book aims to inspire her readers to write with mini discussions and five minute exercises, aiming to get those creative juices flowing, and here is my rough draft after a first trial-dive into it…

This is called The Monday Ritual and is taken from ‘Exercise 1: The Power of the Ritual’. 

Enjoy xx
The Monday Ritual.
It’s that same old wake up call,
tired eyes, a teaspoon, and
was it one lump of sugar, or two?
As I stir the liquid leaves and
milk, the birds are
beginning to awaken
in the rustling leaves,
of a blooming tree –
just outside.
You stir from a pit of sullen sleep
in a Heaven situated
somewhere, above my head,
as the floorboards begin to creep.
The water,
washed away, along with
any leftover moments of me,
imprinted upon your body.
Last night.
It’s that same old wake up call,
tired eyes, and a teaspoon;
not one lump of sugar, but two.

Thank you for reading.
(C) The Student Wordsmith
and Sophie-Louise Hyde, 2013.