A new feature for #ThursdayTalks on the run up to Christmas is a series of gift ideas for book lovers! Our Kathryn started the bauble rolling (couldn’t help ourselves!!!) by looking at book box subscriptions and asking if they are worth it. This week, the TSW has been out and about, spying on what sort of gifts for booklovers are available. Here are some of our favourites!!!


For those who like to jot down ideas, why not a notebook? There are a huge variety of notebooks or writer’s workbooks available, at various different prices (which is great as it can fit all budgets). They range from leather bound to something simple, like a school-style exercise book!!!


Moving on from notebooks, there are a whole host of literary gifts available, which all book fans would love to recieve, from fridge magnets to coffee cups, book bags and glasses cases most of which are on sale in supermarkets and the high street. [1]


Or, if you’re feeling extremely generous,  how about a residential stay at one of the many writing retreats available? You could book your loved one a nights stay at Avron[2] or Garsdale [3] to get their inspiration flowing.


Don’t forget, there are also literary journal subscriptions. From a completely non-biased view (cough cough)  we recommend those from The Student Wordsmith!!! Our Purple Breakfast Reviews are cranberry jam packed with new writing from amazing writers…now, what could be better than reading our latest edition (PBR7) as you get through another selection box !!!