We know that we’ve only just had Halloween buuttttt we still think that means we can start talking about Christmas! Kind of. In the run up to Christmas (we’re starting now so you can prepare) we will be doing some #ThursdayTalks on gift ideas for book lovers! We’re kicking it off with a look at Book Subscription Boxes: are they worth it? (full disclaimer: this is NOT sponsored in any way.)

Our writer and team member Kathryn has tried out the book subscription box Fairyloot and now she’s here to tell you whether subscription boxes are a good gift idea for the book lover in your life!


I actually received my first book box subscription as a birthday present earlier this year from my parents. I picked Fairyloot because they do some really awesome boxes and they’re all about Young Adult books, which is my favourite genre to read. The first thing I will say about book subscription boxes (and this is the case with most companies as I did a lot of research before deciding on Fairyloot) is that they are expensive. For a single purchase box, you’re looking at about £30 once you factor in P&P (that’s if you buy from a UK based company. A lot of overseas companies will ship to the UK but that will up the price). With Fairyloot, and with a lot of the other companies, you have the option of getting a single purchase box, or a subscription for a set period of time (normally 3 month, 6 month or 12 month). You will save some money in the long run doing it this way, but it still won’t be cheap. However, what you get for your money is arguably more than worth it.

Again, with most companies, there will be a new ‘theme’ for each month (some companies will have a specific book or author as the ‘theme’ but most seem to do a general theme that encompasses a variety of books in your chosen genre). Fairyloot for example have had themes such as ‘Memorable Moments’, ‘Save the Kingdom’, ‘Whimsical Journeys’ and ‘Rebels in Ballgowns’. Each box will then include a new book (often before its released to the stores and sometimes signed by the author or limited edition) and an assortment of bookish items. Before I go into more detail, it’s important to say that, especially if you are buying this as a gift for someone, you need to be absolutely sure that they like the genre or type of subscription box because the items will also be themed around that. Anyway, with Fairyloot, you get the book and you will also get five or six bookish items as well as assorted extracts and bookmarks. The bookish items can include candles, luggage tags, pin badges, tote bags, travel mugs, notebooks, book covers, bath and body items, tea, pillow covers and jewelry (I’ve had all of the above and more from my Fairyloot boxes!). All the items I’ve received have been of a very high quality and, as a true booknerd, incredibly exciting! I never feel like I haven’t received my money’s worth and I would always look forward to receiving my box.

So are they worth it? In my opinion, yes. Although I can’t talk for the other companies, Fairyloot has always been amazing. The themes are interesting, the books are always amazing and the items included will inevitably make me so excited that I have to take pictures and send them to all of my friends to show them how cool it is. If you need a present for a close relative, partner or friend and are prepared to spend that amount of money, I would wholeheartedly recommend getting them a book box subscription; there’s something for everyone!

We will be back soon with another #ThursdayTalks and more Christmas recommendations!