The Student Wordsmith Website General Terms and Conditions



The Student Wordsmith runs regular online competitions and objectives will differ dependent on each individual competition.

For more information on the specific objectives of an individual competition, please see:

Common objectives of the website and company, as well as most competitions, will include:

– To begin to recognise and showcase the potential, and unknown, talents of students and young people, with a vested interest in the creative and writing industries.

– To begin to recognise the quality of work produced by those from Universities and wider areas.

– To develop The Student Wordsmith’s own brand and potential by adding new and different products and ideas to ensure the business’s maximum potential.

– To award prizes to winning and selected submissions to enable entrants to continue their work in further projects within their fields.

– To identify potential future employees, co-workers, and partners for The Student Wordsmith’s future in industry and growth as a business venture.


The Student Wordsmith runs regular online competitions and the eligibility will, once again, differ dependent on each individual competition. For more information on the specific rules of eligibility for an individual competition, please see:

General terms of eligibility are as follows:

– The competitions are open to any individual with access to The Student Wordsmith who is above the age of 16 (unless a competition specifically specifies eligibility for a younger age group).

– The competitions are open to all students, graduates, and individuals from any institution, workplace, school, department, discipline, and from any year, unless an individual competition states otherwise.

– The competitions are open to all individuals across any country with the ability to write fluently in the English Language, unless any competition otherwise states that another language is encouraged or preferred.

– The competitions will be open to a number of mediums, dependent on the individual briefs needing to be fulfilled by each individual competition (see for more information).

All submissions must conform to the set of rules as stated in the ‘How to Enter’ category on each single competition’s page.

– Submissions to any of our competitions must always be the original work of the entrant filling in the online form and must be sent in the correct format.

– All submissions must work to the maximum word count rules as stated in any specific, individual competition.

– Submissions to any of our competitions must be sent by the deadline stated on each single competition’s page in order to be eligible. Submissions received after this deadline won’t be counted and will still be charged payment for entry.

– All submissions must be accompanied by a complete online entry form as can be found on the competitions page. These forms must be complete with entrant’s full name, email address, contact telephone number, and the correct PayPal payment transaction ID code where necessary (as proof of purchase) in order to be considered.

Please note The Student Wordsmith reserves the right to disqualify any entrant, who fails to abide by the Terms and Conditions as provided in this document, from any competition.


The Student Wordsmith holds numerous online competitions and takes all reasonable care necessary to ensure that each single competition is complete with a full list of ‘How to Enter’ rules for each entrant to follow. This is to ensure that the entrants are clear on the exact criteria of each competition as set by The Student Wordsmith.

These rules will include items such as deadline dates, a competition brief outline to be followed, and instructions on how to upload submissions, make necessary payments, and complete online entry forms.

The rules for each individual competition live now can be found at:


The Student Wordsmith has provided an online entry form for all entrants to complete upon payment, alongside uploading their work, to be considered for any competition.

This form must be filled out in order to be eligible for any competition.

General guidelines and rules for filling in the online entry form are as follows:

– Please use plain English when filling in the online entry form.

– Entry forms are to be submitted online only via the form provided.

– Your entry form must be complete with your full name, email address, and contact telephone number, as well as the PayPal payment transaction ID code. Failure to provide these on the form may mean that your entry is not accepted.

– By submitting your online entry form, you are agreeing to all of the Terms and Conditions as set out by The Student Wordsmith, both in general and for that individual competition.


The Student Wordsmith will endeavour to award prizes for each individual competition set online. These prizes are at the discretion of The Student Wordsmith and The Student Wordsmith has a right to decide which prizes are suitable for which competition, as well as what these prizes will be given for. Please be aware that the number of prizes available per competition will vary dependent on the nature of the competition.

Prizes will be subject to availability. Where a prize has been offered but isn’t available, we will contact you to arrange an alternative prize that you are happy with.

For more information on the prizes for a specific competition, please visit:



You are able to pay for your goods at The Student Wordsmith online via the PayPal service as outlined and provided only, using all major credit, debit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Visa Delta, Visa Purchasing, Switch, Solo) that are connected to your specific, individual PayPal account. Please note, you cannot pay by cash or cheque at this moment in time.

To find out more information about how PayPal works, or to set yourself up an account to begin purchasing your goods from The Student Wordsmith online, please go to:

You can also make payment online by Bank Transfer. To do this, please email to register your interest and follow the instructions as sent to you in the reply email.

Please note that you must subject your Bank Transfer payment with your full name.



On winning a competition, the selected and/or winning entrants will retain credit for their work, with their full name being displayed upon their work as responsible for it, when used in conjunction with The Student Wordsmith’s own products.

Please note that, where necessary, The Student Wordsmith shall retain all intellectual rights to its own products, with submissions and work present within/as a part of these products credited to the individual responsible for that individual submission.

Any work/entries deemed unsuccessful will be returned to the owner/entrants with immediate effect and all corresponding data, retained as a result of any competition, will be destroyed and used no further by The Student Wordsmith.

Please note that The Student Wordsmith reserves the right to use any submission as wholly, or in part, as it may wish to do so, in line with the company’s own needs and requirements. The Student Wordsmith may also reserve the right to use a submission once or on numerous occasions, dependent on company requirements.

The Student Wordsmith reserves the right to disqualify any entrant, who fails to abide by the Terms and Conditions as provided in this document, from any competition.



The Student Wordsmith takes all reasonable care necessary to ensure that all details, descriptions, and prices of products (whether these be competitions, works featured, or shop products), are correct as they appear on our website. The website is updated on a regular basis.

If you have any problems, or for more information, please contact: Sophie-Louise Hyde, The Studio, Loughborough Design School, LDS 1.25, Loughborough University, Leicestershire, LE11 3TU, call on 07536054700 or email: