#Tuesday Top Three

Top Three Places to Get Inspired at Christmas

It’s not always the easiest to motivate yourself to find inspiration over Christmas, especially when you’re knee deep in mince pies and eggnog so we thought we would give you a bit of help! Previously, our writer Helen has rounded up her Top Three Winter Places for Inspiration in the UK, so to follow on from that, we’re bringing you our Top Three Christmas Places for Inspiration! These are not so much specific named places, but are instead our suggestions from where you can draw Christmas inspiration near you.


  • Christmas trees: It seems obvious, since a lot of the time they are the focus of our decoration, but once they’re up and decorated, Christmas tree’s are often forgotten, relegated to being the sparkling background in countless photos. So instead, try turning off any other distractions and letting inspiration come to you from your own tree – maybe a specific decoration could spark a story? Or the way the lights and smells make you feel could be the start of a poem! If you haven’t got your own Christmas tree, try taking a walk to find some public ones – in a town centre or shopping centre is normally a good bet! Take a notebook and jot down some ideas (plus it will get you in the Christmas spirit!)
  • If you fancy getting out of the house for a bit, why not try a Christmas market? There are a lot of them on in the lead up to Christmas, both local markets and bigger events so you won’t have to go far! Take a look at the people, the stalls, the different cultures and find something that sparks your interest. The writing itself doesn’t have to be Christmassy, but you might find inspiration in the smallest thing!
  • Christmas throwback: do you have any old family Christmas photos? Dig them out and see what stories they spark! Or, if you can’t get inspired by personal photos, why not have a look online for vintage Christmas scenes? Photos are one of the best ways to get inspired, and Christmas ones will lend something a little different to your prompts!

Let us know how you get on with your Christmas writing! You can send it to us at for a chance to be featured on our website!