Two Lumps of Sugar and Two Languages…

It’s Tuesday and today, as I make the dreaded decision to diet, eat healthy and get back on the exercise, I am also cutting down on my one true addiction: Tea. So, to mark this truly spectacular occasion (and before I tire of a complete lack of caffeine at only 10 o’clock), here’s a poem for you that features exactly that.

Enjoy x




It’s just like any other wake up call,

tired eyes, a teaspoon, and ‘Sweetheart,

was it one lump of sugar, or two?’


As I stir the liquid leaves, and milk,

of Polska, the birds

begin to awaken –


in the blooming Bartek

just outside.


You stir from a pit of undisturbed sleep

in a heaven somewhere above my head, as

the floorboards begin to creep.


The water,

it runs away, leaving

leftover moments, of me,

imprinted upon your body.

‘Ubiegłej Nocy’ –

Last Night.


Monday morning, and

it’s just like any other wake up call,

tired eyes, and a teaspoon, but ‘Kochanie,

we’re not one lump of sugar, we’re two.’

Thank you for reading.

Copyright of The Student Wordsmith and Sophie-Louise Hyde, 2013.

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