Wednesday Words #2

Welcome back to #WednesdayWords! In our last past we gave you a prompt to create a piece of writing and this week we are featuring one of the responses. The piece is written by Kathryn Cockrill, one of our very own team members at The Student Wordsmith, and takes the form of a poem, using the prompt: ‘I couldn’t believe it, after all these years – you! It was you from the very start.’ 


I couldn’t believe it

after  all these years

        – you!

It was you from the very beginning.


That tiger-eyed gaze

snaring me from across the room

a silence that transcended

the hum of the restaurant.


Fast forward –

seconds , days, hours

       – you!

you were always there.


And now

as I stand, hands clasped,

face to face,

I see a predator

stalking their prey.


I see myself

reflected in your eyes.

I see the profile,


in your hand.

I see myself.


I wonder – absently –

how much they were paying you?

How much am I worth?


You raise the gun

but mine is already cocked

after all these years




The shell falls to the floor,


    – you

it was you from the very beginning.


Hopefully that’s got you inspired to do some writing of your own because here is this weeks prompt:

“I don’t understand, they were supposed to be here!” 

Send your responses to and we will pick one response to be featured on our next #WednesdayWords!