Here at TSW HQ, the smell of fireworks has still lingered and today’s #WednesdayWords continues with this week’s theme of Bonfire night. So, don’t let the light of your writing fire go out just yet, you can keep the sparklers hot with this week’s writing prompt which so happens to be theme for PBR7 !!!


The prompt is


….and because we are so excited by the different ways waiting can be used in your amazing writing, we couldn’t help but have a go ourselves!!!


The cold gnaws at my skin as I stand at the bus stop, it somehow finds a way to penetrate through my padded coat. It’s clever the cold, it stealthily moves in between the knitted stitches of my red bobble hat, bypassing my brown hair to reach my scalp and sits. I sometimes think it does this to tease goosebumps by making them stand to attention, only to keep them waiting until they can shrink in the warmth. Buses are like lovers, a friend once told me, they keep you waiting, sometimes in the cold and just when you think you are onboard, sat in comfort, do you realise you have been sat on the back seats all along. He also told me he will never marry and that I should not either. This does not change the fact I have been standing at this bus stop for three-quarters of an hour on a freezing November day. The remnants of last night’s village Bonfire celebrations are scattered on the floor; burnt out sparklers, empty cans and spent landed rockets lie as debris from the festivities. I did not attend, I stayed indoors and played calming classical music to keep the anxiousness of my cat at bay. Poor thing. I wonder what she’s doing now, probably curled up on the sofa, listening for my key to turn the latch of the front door. Like me, she is waiting…


The theme of ‘Waiting’ can take any shape or form in your writing, so why not have a go and send us your responses to


We can’t wait to read them!!!