Today’s #WednesdayWords follows on from yesterday’s celebration of Robert Louis Stevenson’s birthday by challenging you to use the following prompt in your next piece of writing!!!


The prompt is

A strange case


…now, we wouldn’t be us, if we didn’t have a go ourselves (you know we find it hard to resist!!!). So here’s what we came up with;


Heavy brocade curtains kept the room dark and made it feel chilled. Overstuffed with fake mahogany furniture, it felt like we had stepped into a Victorian film set and anytime now, we would be disturbed by a parlour maid. Antiquated to say the least. The deceased was splayed in a wing back chair next to an ornamental fireplace, one of those fire surrounds which is hard to tell if its the real deal or not. But like everything else in this tableau of murder; nothing was how it should seam, it just didn’t stack right. Detective York should know, she prided herself on being the first on the scene whenever foul play occured on her territory, good Lord, she had seen many over the years. This was going to prove to be a strange case, she could feel it in the pit of her stomach, it did not sit easy with her, in fact she could feel it already swirling in her stomach acids and bile. She resisted the urge to gag. York braced herself and gingerly moved forwards in the dim light of the living room towards the body in the chair. A crystal ashtray rocked slightly as she brushed past a round drinks table. A PC, handed her a pair of blue surgical style gloves to put on, York took a pen from the inside of her department store suit jacket and held it as if it were a wand. One which could solve a brutal murder with a flick and a swish. This time perhaps it could.


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