If you’re finding yourself not quite ready for the Christmas run-up, then why not let yourself have a little escape from it all with today’s  #WednesdayWords, which doesn’t have a bauble, tinsel or sparkling light in sight!


Today’s prompt is



…after the amazing webinar we hosted last Sunday (there will be another one happening soon!!!), and reading all of your fabulous submissions, we thought we would take a well earned rest and have a go at writing with this week’s prompt ourselves…


…Crackle, the news presenter’s voice faded in and out with the mid-day bulletin. I didn’t quite catch the last bit she was saying, I think it was something about the forest and fire. I put down the kettle and leapt over to the Welsh dresser to fiddle with the tuning knob. After a lot of interference and noise, I was reunited with the news; a reporter was speaking live from the scene and the recognisable whirring of fire engines in the background overtook his words. It was all I could listen to. I felt a red burning sensation in the scars on my arms, as if the very word ‘fire’ had immediately flipped a switch somewhere inside of me. The forest fire was over fifty miles away, nowhere near me, but I still found myself rooted in front of the radio, wanting to hear every lick that the fire could make. The worst thing was, it wasn’t subsiding, this obsession I had been left with, it was the only thing I did have left as the fire took away everything else. I had lost everything that night, including you, especially you.


We don’t know about you, but we’re instantly feeling a lot warmer here at HQ after our little writing exercise!!! We are currently open for submissions for PBR7, so if you have any writing you would like to send across to us, on the theme of ‘Waiting,’  we would love to read it! Send your writing to: Full guidelines can be found on our shop.