As schools reopen, up and down the country and eager children are returning to classrooms after their summer break, we thought we would bring you a #WednesdayWords writing prompt to put you firmly back in the writing saddle!

This week’s prompt is:

‘the bell rang’ 

Feeling nostalgic for our own school days, we had a go at it ourselves, and here’s an snippet for you all to read:

Coffee cups slammed down on low wooden tables, jolting toast crumbs onto the floor as the bell rang with menace throughout the staff room. Nervous and excited teachers slung bags over shoulders and stacked books in the crooks of their arms as they made their way out to their classrooms. One by one, I watched them disappear into a motorway of children rushing down the corridor. I remained seated, my knees clamped together. Surely someone would be along soon to tell me where I should go? What I should be doing? The room was silent. I looked down at my reflection in my new black patent brogues and tried to think of the names the kids might call me. It might not be as bad as the last time, I might even laugh along with them… yes, that’s it, it’s always best to try and laugh along with them, to show the class that I can be part of the joke. This had worked for me countless times before when Brian Alker and his gang of merry men had poked fun at my glasses or the size of my clownish feet in my lace-up shoes. I always dug deep, found it in me to crack the first jokes and ‘keep ‘em laughing’ as my old dad used to say.

The creak of the door brought me back to the present and my eyes locked onto those of the woman now towering above me with an arm outstretched. She had a gigantic smile painted across her face and her eyelashes could reach the bottom of her rounded jaw, I swear it! I felt flummoxed: ‘Mr BoBo, I thought you could start your first day by teaching circus skills in the hall.’

Remember, you can send your responses to and we’ll pick one to feature on our website before the next #WednesdayWords feature in a few weeks’ time..